589nm DPSS laser industrial source. BeamQ 589nm DPSS Yellow Laser 400mW~500mW Output power optional .

Single Longitudinal Mode 589nm DPSS Laser
Low Noise Yellow Laser
High Stability Yellow Laser
High Power Yellow DPSS Laser
Q-switched Yellow Laser
Yellow OEM Laser Module
Solutions for Optogenetics
Fiber Coupled Laser System at 589 nm

Other sellers for the 589nm yellow DPSS laser sources.

edmundoptics 10mW, 589nm DPSS Pointing Laser $1525.

589nm Laserglow Lasers, The LRS-0589 Series of Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) Lasers are ideal for applications requiring 589 nm laser light at power levels from 10 mW to 2500 mW. This series is available with output power stability of better than 3% and has a long operating lifetime at an aggressively competitive cost.