1380nm Laser High Power Semiconductor With Power Suppply

1380nm 2W High Power IR Laser Semiconductor Laser With Power Suppply. It features ultra compact design, long lifetime, cost-effectiveness and easy operation. They are used in measurement, communication, spectrum analysis, etc.

Product Name: 1380nm IR Semiconductor Laser

Output Wavelength: 1380+-20nm
Output Power: 2W
Spatial Mode: Multimode
Operation Mode: CW or Modulation
Pointing Stability: <0.05 mrad
Beam Size: near 5mm
Beam Divergence Full Angle: <5 mrad
Beam Height: near 29mm
Power Stability: <+-3% per 2 hrs
Temperature Stabilizing: TEC
Warm Up Time: <5 minutes
MTTF(mean time to failure): 10,000 hrs
Laser Head dimension: Near 167(L)x77(W)x60(H) mm
Power Supply: Standard type power supply / Lab Adjustable power supply (Choose)
Power Supply-1: Standard Power Supply
Power Supply-2: Lab Adjustable Power Supply
Modulation: 0~30KHz Analog or TTL
Warranty: 1 Year

[Package Include]
1 x 1380nm semiconductor laser
1 x Power supply

It's DPSS diode 1380nm laser system , if you just need a 1380nm laser diode, check Laser Diode on C-mount 1380 nm


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