Laser Diodes Stack

Laser diodes Stacks, Bars & Arrays . Laser Diodes Stack with output power 10W, 100W, 500W

Laser diode single emitters and multi-emitter bars

Laser diodes can be single emitters, meaning that it emits laser light from a single active region, as shown in Figure 1a. Single emitter laser diodes offer up to 12 W of optical output power. For higher power applications (~ 80W), multiple individual emitting areas (emitters) can be arranged side by side and integrated onto the same substrate, as shown in Figure 1b. This configuration is often called multi-emitter single chip modules, laser diode bars or laser diode arrays. When even higher power is demanded, multiple laser bars may be stacked either horizontally or vertically.

Laser diode stacks

A laser diode stack, or laser diode array, comprises a number of laser diode bars. Each laser bar has a number of emitters generating laser beams. Laser diode stacks Arrays can produce higher output power than single diode bars. This modularity gives flexibility to scale-up a laser stack to the requested power level.

Laser diode stacks have a greatly improved size, weight and power efficiency ratio, enabling significantly higher peak power and brightness compared to traditional fiber and solid state laser systems.

Laser diode stacks are available in vertical or horizontal configuration and operate in CW and pulsed mode. Horizontal diode stacks consist of numerous diode laser bars arranged side-by-side. This arrangement allows for higher output power and greater beam uniformity, as the individual diodes can be individually controlled and adjusted.

Vertical diode stacks consist of numerous diode laser bars arranged vertically, each operating in series. This arrangement allows for a smaller footprint and a more compact design, but it also limits the maximum output power and can result in less beam uniformity.

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