Gem Lab Compact Adjustable LED light Monochromatic Cold light source

High Quality Fable Brand Gem Lab Compact Adjustable lightness LED light Monochromatic Cold light source

High-efficiency fiber optic lamp, also known as strong cold light source, has the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption, concentrated light, continuous spectrum and convenient operation. It is mainly used to observe the absorption spectrum of gems and Charles filter and other gem detection lighting;

[Product Appilcation]
Gemological labs, gemology schools/institutes, gem&jewelry industrials, --etc.
[Product Features]
Product Size 180mm*120mm*140mm
Power 12V/50W
Product  Weight 2.7KG
High temperature resistance YES
Flexible tube Number 2
Flexible tube length 1000mm
Warranty One Year
Package size 220mm*210mm*196mm
Input voltage 220V

1.12V/50W high-quality high-concentration cold-light halogen lamp cup, which makes the luminous efficiency higher, and at the same time reduces the baking degree of the fiber tube to a minimum;
2.Equipped with double-headed 1000mm high temperature resistant fiber optic hose; there is a cooling fan inside;
3.Unique lamp holder device makes the replacement of bulbs faster and safer;
4.Continuously adjustable brightness, global plug-in circuit, more convenient maintenance;


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