IR Laser Sight Infrared 980nm Completely Invisible Light Beam

980nm completely invisible laser sight is the new version based on the 808nm infrared laser sight. It produces a infrared completely invisible laser beam. You can not see it with naked eyes,you only can see it with the help of Night Vision Goggles. A best choice for hunting at night.

Laser Wavelength: 980nm
Output Power:50mW
Operating voltage: DC3.0-3.7V
Start-up time: < 1 seconds
Battery: 1x CR123A (16340)
Material: Rigid Aluminum
Surface treatment: Black anodized finish
Dual switches: Hand type / press type

The 980nm completely invisible laser sight won not shoot any visible light dot on your targets, it won not make animals get spooked while hunting.It is shock resistant.

The laser of 980nm wavelength can not be seen through pvs7 gen3 goggles.The range of the visible laser wavelength of this goggle is 400-950nm.


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