1550nm TO56 Coaxial package with photodiode for optical test and measurement

The laser is hermetically sealed in a 5.6mm package that offers robust environmental survival capability for demanding applications such as field deployed range finders.

CWDM band wavelengths;
Low threshold and low operating current;
High efficiency and high output power;
Wide operation temperature range;
High reliability;
TO56 standard package.

2.5/10Gbps fiberoptic transmission;
Optical communication transceivers;
Storage area networks;
Fiber optic sensors;
Fiber optic test and measurement.

Electro-Optical Parameters

Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Threshold Current:Ith CW - 7 15 mA
Threshold Current:Ith CW,TC=85℃ - - 40 mA
Output Power:PO CW, If=Ith+20mA - 6 - mW
Operating Voltage:Vop CW, If=Ith+20mA - 0.95 1.5 V
Peak Wavelength:λp CW, If=Ith+20mA 1547 1550 1553 nm
Side Mode Suppression Ratio:SMSR CW, If=Ith+20mA 35 40 - dB
Rise time/Fall time:tr/tf CW, If=Ith+20mA, 20%-80% - 80 200 ps
Monitor Current (PD):Im CW, If=Ith+20mA, VRD=1V 0.1 0.3 1.0 mA
Dark Current (PD):Id VRD=10V - - 1.0 μA
Focus Length:F 2.0mm ball lens cap 7.0 7. 5 7.8 mm


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