25 Kpps laser scanning galvo galvanometer scanners Set ILDA

25 Kpps laser scanning galvo galvanometer scanners Set ILDA


This is a fast and reliable scanner set based on a moving magnet galvanometer. In combination wit the small drivers and power supply unit this set can be implemented in almost any application. The speed is 25kpps (25.000 points per second) at an angle of 20 degree. By adjusting the potentiometers the speed can reach 40Kpps at an an angle of 5 degree.


System:Closed Loop Moving Magnet Scanner
Input resistance:200K ohms,differential
Signal Input voltage: +-5V
Input voltage requirements: +15V/1.0, -15V/0.6A
Operating temperature range:0~50 degrees C
Optical angle: +-30 max
Scanner speed:>25Kpps(ILDA testpattern +-20 optical)
Mirror dimensions WxL: 7mm11mm0.6mm (wide wave-length)
Board size:7.72cm(long)5.8cm(wide)2.75cm(high)


This scanner set was measured with PANGOLIN QM2000 card. Running at the desired output speed. Using the standard ILDA test pattern. Laboratory power supply at +/-15VDC,room temperature. Windows PC with Pangolin,12/30k ILDA testframe, full size. 7x11x0.6mm mirror was used during measuring period. The galvos are fixed in the standard mounts on an aluminmum baseplate without forced cooling.

25kpps @ 20 degree
27kpps @ 15 degree
30kpps @ 10 degree
35kpps @ 8 degree
40kpps @ 5 degree


IS = Input scale (adjusted only in factory)
SG = Servo gain (power of the feedback signal for internal PID controller
LFD = Low frequency damping (correct overshoot)
HFD = High frequency damping (correct undershoot)
LIN = Zero offset (electrical offset of the driver, adjusted only in factory)
PS = Position scale (increases or decrease input sensitivity of the computer, DO NOT change it)


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