300mW Red Orange Laser, 635nm laser, 638nm laser

The 635nm red orange laser (638nm laser) is much brighter than 650nm red laser.Orange laser 300 mW output at 635nm or 638nm.This amazing red orange laser is focus-adjustable and water-free.The red orange laser features with high stability, high efficiency, high reliability, low noise and excellent laser beam quality.

Dimensions: φ25.5*142mm
Wavelength: 635nm 638nm
Output Power: 290-320mW
Operating Voltage    DC=3.7V (DC)   
Operating Current   <500mA   
Class: IIIB 
Output Mode: Constant Wave 
Dot Size: <18*18mm (10m)
Operating temperature range:-10℃~+40℃
Storage temperature range:-10℃~+50℃
Batteries: 18640 X 1

This high powered red / orange laser is made with high quality 635nm/638nm laser diodes


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