Laser Beam Profiler 300~1100nm Wide Range BQProfiler

The laser beam profiler displays and records the spatial intensity profile of a laser beam at a particular plane transverse to the beam propagation path. Since there are many types of lasers: ultraviolet, visible, infrared, continuous wave, pulsed, high-power, low-power. There is an assortment of instrumentation for measuring laser beam profiles. No single laser beam profiler can handle every power level, pulse duration, repetition rate, wavelength, and beam size.

Laser Wavelength: 300~1100nm
Sensor size: 8.4 * 7.1mm
Minimum sinking distance: 6mm (including one piece of attenuation)
Pixel size: 3.45um
Exposure time: 0.05ms-500ms
Shutter: Global
Spot detection range: 34.5um - 7.1mm
Power detection range: 1nW - 1W/cm^2
Damage power: 5W/cm^2 (OD0.5+OD1 attenuation)
Attenuator: OD0.3~OD5, standard OD0.5+1+2
Interface: USB3.0
Transmission frame rate: 5-10 frames
Binning: Yes
External Trigger: Yes
Structure type: back interface, compatible with C-mount
Signal-to-noise ratio: 2500:1
Weight: 450g

Applications : laser spot analyzer beam quality analysis

Light Analysis
Beam Characterization
Laser Beam Profilers


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