DFB Laser

DFB Laser distributed-feedback laser  is a type of laser diode, quantum-cascade laser or optical-fiber laser where the active region of the device contains a periodically structured element or diffraction grating.

DFB Laser Package Types means the shapes for DFB lasers, such as TO-CAN , 2 pins, butterfly 14 pins. 




DWDM Band Wavelength Range
Band Name Wavelengths Description
O-band 1260 – 1360 nm Original band, PON upstream
E-band 1360 – 1460 nm Water peak band
S-band 1460 – 1530 nm PON downstream
C-band 1530 – 1565 nm Lowest attenuation, original DWDM band, compatible with fiber amplifiers, CATV
L-band 1565 – 1625 nm Low attenuation, expanded DWDM band
U-band 1625 – 1675 nm Ultra-long wavelength