Multichannel Programmable Current and Voltage Source

Beamq has developed a family of high performance, reliable and cost-effective products for application in optical communications, optical sensors, medical equipment and industrial processes. These are markets where our vertical integration, strong cumulative experience and proprietary Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology generate products that provide our customers a significant competitive advantage.

Suitable for photonic integrated circuit control/characterization
10 programmable current sources (max current 205mA each, max voltage 4.096V)
3 fast programmable current sources (max current 20mA each, latency 30ns, max Voltage 4.096V)
16 programmable voltage sources (max voltage 4.096V)
24 current/voltage monitors (user hardware configurable), allowing for continuous monitoring of set currents and voltages
Enclosure (110V power supply), USB controlled via Graphic User Interface


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