Powerful Visible Red Laser Beam Rifle Sight

Red laser rifle/gun sights, the red laser beam is not as bright as the green laser. However this red laser beam sight has high output power and you can see the clear red light beam, and the bright red laser target dot.Red is the most prevalent color and has been around longer. But green is more visible in daylight/well lit situations. Both work well at night.

Output Power:50mW
Dimensions: 125mm * 31mm
Range: >2000m
Operating Voltage:DC3V
Battery: 1/CR123A.
Available color: BlackĀ 
Construction: Aluminum
Lifetime: 10000 hours

Green laser gun sight are much brighter then red laser sights.
Which is more visible to you? On the left we see a traditional red laser sight, compared to the green sight in broad daylight. The lasers were at a distance of 25 feet from the wall.
On the left you can see how visible the beam can actually get during dark or dimmer conditions.
Shown to the left is an additional day shot, which again shows the dramatic difference.


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