Most Powerful 300-500mW Green Laser Rifle Sight Long Range Laser for AR15

Most powerful and bright green laser gun/rifle sights. You will see the bright green laser target dot in a long distance. The laser sight is much brighter than other sights, because it has 300-500mW output power, while most of the laser sights are 5-50mW. Because of the output power, pls don't keep it working for a long time ( < 10 mins ). The tactical long distance laser sight has a gun mount, and you can mount it easily.

Powered by one 16340 battery, 4 hours continuous use.
Output Power:200mW
Dimensions: 125mm * 31mm
Operating Voltage:DC3V
Available color: Black
Construction: Aluminum
Lifetime: 10000 hours
Range: > 1000 meters

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