1270nm~1610nm DFB Laser

Advanced Multiple Quantum Well(MQW)
Distributed Feedback (DFB)Laser Design
Built-in InGaAsP monitor PD
High output power
Low threshold current
Cost-effective Uncooled Laser Technology
5.6-mm TO-style package with SMF pigtail


CATV Return-Path
Analog transmission
Light source

We also produce 1625nm DFB laser diode coaxial.

O wavelenght: 1270nm,1290nm,1310nm,1330nm,1350nm,1370nm,1390nm,1410nm

S+C+Lwavelength:1430nm,1450nm,1470nm,1490nm,1510nm,1530nm,1550nm,             1570nm,1590nm,1610nm,1625nm


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