1310nm DFB Butterfly Laser Module

1310nm DFB Butterfly Laser Module.
DFB or FP Coaxial Packaging.
Built-in InGaAs/PIN monitor.
High reliabilit, Long operation life.

High linearity Direct Modulation DFB laser,
High output power from 10mW,
Emission Wavelength 1550nm
Built-in Isolator,TEC,Theremistor and Monitor PD
Hermetically sealed 14pin butterfly package module
Singlemode fiber pigtail
PAL and NTSC system loading available
RoHs compliant

Absolute maximun rationgs (Tc = 25℃):
Operating Current: Symbol If(LD)  Ratings Ith+20 mA
Reverse Voltage: Symbol Vr(LD)  Ratings 2.0 v
Operating Current: Symbol If(PD)  Ratings 2 mA
Reverse Voltage: Symbol Vr(PD)  Ratings 15 V
Operationg tempereture: Symbol Topr  Ratings -40~+85 ℃
Storage tempereture: Symbol Tstg  Ratings -40~+85 ℃
Welding tempereture: Symbol Tsld  Ratings 260/10 ℃/S

Optical & electrical characterstics(Tc =25℃)

Threshold Current: Symbol Ith  Min 4  Max 15  Unit mA  Test Condition CW
Forward Voltage: Symbol Vop Type 1.1  Max 1.6  Unit V  Test Condition CW,If=Iop
Optical Output Power: Symbol Pf  Min 2  Unit mW  Test Condition CW,If=Ith+20mA
Center Wavelength: Symbol λc  Type Min Max 1310/1550±10  Unit nm  Test Condition CW,P0 = Pf
Rise/Fall Time: Symbol Tr/Tf  Max 0.4 Unit nS  Test ConditionIf=Ith,Po=Pf
Monitor Current: Symbol Im  Min 0.1  Max 1  Unit mA  Test Condition CW,P0 = Pf
Capacitance: Symbol CPD  Type 10  Max 15  Unit PF  Test Condition VRD=5V
Dark Current: Symbol Id  Max 1  Unit nA  Test Condition VRD=5V
Side Mode Suppression Ration: Symbol SMSR  Min 30  Type 35  Unit dB  Test Condition CW,Po=2mW
Isolation: Symbol ISO  Min 30  Unit dB 

GLD-XXX-XXXX-XXX : Coaxial Laser Diode Module

Package: P:Pigtail  R:Receptacle
Connector: Pigtail FA:FC/APC  SA:SC/APC  LA:LC/AP  C F:FC/PC S:SC/PC T:ST/PC  N:NO
Connector:Receptacle A:FC-1  B:FC-2  C:FC-3  D:SC E:ST
Assembly type: 1:1 Type 2:2 Type 3:3 Type 4:4 Type 5:5Type Default:Receptacle
Laser: D:DFB  F:FP
Wavelength: 31:1310nm  55:1550nm  Others( 1270nm-1610nm)
OutputPower: 05:0.5mW  10:1.0mW  20:2.0mW 30:3.0mW  40:4.0mW Other
Pin-definition: A:A Type B:B Type C:C Type
Rate:1:1.25G  2:2.5G 3:3.6G Others
Isolator:G:With  Default:No
ROHS Certification:R:Pass  Default:No Pass

Semiconductor lasers and detectors are Static sensitive components are vulnerable to Electrostatic discharge(ESD) and surge over Current(EOS) damage!
Please contact with Static sensitive


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