635nm DPSS Red Diode Laser 100mW - 5000mW

635nm DPSS red laser with output power from 100mW to 4000mW, with analogue external modulation. The output power is adjustable.

Wavelength (nm): 635±5
Output Power (mW): 100~5000
Working Mode: CW
Beam Mode: Quasi TE00
Spectral Linewidth (nm)<0.1;
Polarization: Line polarization
Polarization Ratio: >50:1
Beam Quality (M2 factor): <2.0
Beam Divergence (full angle, mrad): Square, ~6.0×6.0
Beam Diameter at Aperture (mm): 3.0×4.0
Power Stability (RMS, over 8 hours): <5%
Aperture Position (mm): 25
Laser Head: Dimensions (L×W×H, mm)136 x 50 x 45/182x60x62.5;Net Weight (kg)0.5/0.8;
Integrated Driver Model: VD-I Series / VD-II Series
External Modulation: 5V TTL / 5V Analogue
Modulating Frequence: 30KHz TTL / 10KHz Analogue
Cooling System: TEC
Warm-up Time (minutes): <15
Operation Temperature (℃): 18~30
Expected Lifetime (hours): >10000
Warranty Time: 1 year

For most of the orders, we need 2 weeks to test and ship it. We ship it to USA, Europe (Germany, France and so on).

Q&A for 635nm DPSS red diode laser (4000mW):

What is the shape of the beam?

--This laser is diode laser, and we combine 6 or 8 lower power diodes to get 4000mW output power. Then the beam will be non- Gaussian beam. But the beam will be good after a multimode fiber. But this multimode fiber is not a standard spec, should be customized. After the fiber, the shape of beam will be round, the beam divergence(mrad) will be 30 without collimation.

What does "Quasi TE00" beam mode means?

--Quasi TEM00 means it is close to the TEM00 mode, but can't get really good Gaussian beam.

How is the power adjusted? Is it manually or via a software? or both?

--Yes, power is adjustable. Both are OK. It’s a standard spec.

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