Laser Diodes

New Laser Diodes in industry:
OPI Photonics has just launched its new line of blue laser diodes, BrighteX Blue. The products currently available in the line offer an output power of 35W delivered through either a 100μm or 200μm fibre; both offer 95 per cent power within a 0.15 numerical aperture. The next releases in the line will include a 100W version on a 200μm fibre, and a 10W version on a 50μm fibre.
These multi-emitter modules offer flexible, reliable and affordable solutions for marking, material processing, medical and projection applications.
Laser 2015: new diodes and drivers aid push towards point-of-care photoacoustics.
Mitsubishi Electric unveils 25G DFB laser with 10mW output at 85°C for 100G fiber-optic systems. Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Electric Corp is unveiling a distributed feedback (DFB) laser diode for 25Gbps fiber-optic communications in 100Gbps systems operating over a wide range of temperatures from -20°C to 85°C. Four DFB laser diodes can be mounted on 100Gbps high-speed communication transceivers in order to achieve lower power consumption and enhanced communication performance for increased efficiency in data centers. The new DFB laser diode should also help to simplify the requirements for transceiver design, says the firm.
Osram SPL BF98-40-5 60W laser bar reduces system costs for fiber-coupled diode lasers.?
It has a wavelength of 976 nm and high brilliance. The laser achieves a brilliance of 3 W/mm and a 1-mrad divergence angle at an optical output of 44 W. Osram SPL BF98-40-5 offers electro-optical efficiency of 65 percent, reducing the level of cooling needed for the laser diode,improving the efficiency of the entire system.
Mitsubishi 638nm red laser diode for Projectors offering Industry's Leading Output.?
Mitsubishi has developed a 638nm red laser diode with output power of 1.8 W at continuous-wave operation, clicking the world’s highest level among the 638nm LDs. The 1800mW 638nm red laser ld can be used as a light source for projectors. The luminosity exceeds 220 lumens due to lasing at short wavelength.
Furthermore, it has industry leading electrical conversion efficiency of 38% at 1.8 W at 25 degrees Celsius, resulting in reduction of power consumption. It offers excellent heat dissipation due to use of large TO-can package with diameter of 9.0 mm.
The laser diodes are the key part of any laser system. They have different shapes and size.
Nichia is the most famous brand for the laser diodes.
High Power LD slot module
water cooling: 375nm NUU102E 3W,?405nm Nuv101E 10W
Electrical cooling: 405nm NUV102E 1.2W
Receptacle LD module:
375nm NUU205E  150MW
405NM NUV207E  240MW
405NM NUV203E  420MW
405NM NUV209E  900MW
445NM NUB206E  1.3W
Tunable Laser Module:
UV NUV611T   396±2.5nm
Violet  NUV612T  405±3nm
Violet  NUV613T  415±4nm
Violet  NUV614T  418±5nm
Violet  NUB611T  457±5nm
AR Coated LD:
UV  NDUA116T 390-400nm
Violet  NDVA111T   400-410nm
Violet  NDVA216T   410-415nm
Violet   NDVA316T   414-420nm
Blue   NDBA116T 450-455nm
Laser diodes:
375nm   NDU4116  NDU7216
395NM  NDU4316E
405NM   NDV4316  NDV4B16  NDV7116  NDV7375E
415nm  NDV4916E
420NM   NDV4A16E
445NM  NDB4116  NDB7875
457NM  NDB4216E
473NM  NDA4116  NDA7175E
488NM  NDS1316  NDS4116  NDS4216
505NM  NDE4116E
515NM  NDG4216
Distributed feedback laser is a type of laser diode, quantum cascade laser or optical fibre laser. Distributed feedback laser is named DFB laser. The active region of the device is periodically structured as a diffraction grating. The structure builds a one-dimensional interference grating (Bragg scattering). The grating provides optical feedback for the laser.?DFB laser diodes do not use two discrete mirrors to form the optical cavity.?
ProPhotonix Limited , a designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems, laser diode modules and a distributor of premium vendor's laser diodes, is pleased to announce an extension to its range of laser diodes, ProPhotonix Limited, with the release of a new 488nm laser diode from Osram.
Pulsed laser diode from OSI Laser Diode has an integrated microlens. CVLL 350-CL90 1550 nm pulsed laser diode has an integrated micro-lens that delivers a far-field beam pattern. Hermetically sealed in a 9 mm package, it has utility in field-deployed rangefinders in demanding environments. RoHS compliant, it operates in wavelengths ranging from 1530 to 1580 nm.
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