850nm 800mw Infrared Laser Pointer

850nm Infrared Light IR Light Infrared Laser Pointer

The most commonly used infrared wavelength for security camera lighting is 850nm IR, it provides best performance versus invisibility balance. Although 850nm IR is invisible to the human eye, it does produce a slight red glow at the LED light source.

850nm 800mw Infrared Laser Pointer


  • Night photo light
  • Night vision lighting


Size:29mm x 162mm
Battery: 1x Rechargeable battery
Specification parameter: Continuous output,
Continuous service life > 10,000 hours
Wavelength: 850nm
Output power: 800MW
Switch: Light touch switch
Working current: I<1000ma
Operating Temperature: -10~+40
Storage Temperature: -20~+80
Net Weight: 160g

Which is better 850nm or 940nm infrared? Image result for 850nm infrared light .
850nm torches will give the best picture, they will have a slightly longer usable range and they are less likely to create blurry images than 940nm torches. 850 gives better pictures because IR cameras are most sensitive to radiation in this wavelength.

What is the best IR wavelength for night vision?
Infrared Illuminator on Digital NV devices

If you are using a digital night vision device, the most sensible thing to do is use an illuminator that emits either light with 915 or 940 nm of wavelength, since digital night vision devices are designed to detect this wavelength.

850nm vs. 940nm Infra-Red Lighting


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