940nm 3W Single Emitter Laser Diode

Single emitter semiconductor laser provide the laser with high power, high brightness and stability. The range of wavelength cover 915nm. The chip from the famous vendor have high efficiency, high reliability and longer life time. Different technology of package are available which meets the specific requirements of the customer.


Laser Characteristics: 940nm 3W
Output Power(W): 3.0
Operating Current(A): 3.1
Operating Voltage(V):1.75
Threshold Current(A): 0.30
Wavelength(nm): 940
Spectral Width(FWHM) (nm): 3.0
Wavelength Temperature Coeff.(nm/°C):0.3
Slope Efficiency (W/A): >1.1
Power Conversion Efficiency: >55%
Parallel to junction(Deg): 8
Perpendicular to junction (Deg): 1~27
Polarization: TE
Maximum Reverse Voltage(V): <2.5

Key Applications:

Solid-state laser pumping
Material processing
Medical/Life and health sciences

Dimensions Diagram:

Special shape and size can customized.
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