PL520B Osram 520nm 80mw Laser Diode 3.8mm

German lighting expert --- OSRAM (OSRAM), is an important member of the German SIEMENS (SIEMENS) group, one of the world's two largest electric light source manufacturers.
OSRAM with its excellent light source products known to the world. It has 49 production bases in 18 countries in the world, and the products are sold to more than 140 countries.
OSRAM China has a number of foreign experts and Chinese light source elite, the common design of high-quality light products, diligently to open up new areas of light
As many as 5000 varieties of light source and lighting system of OSRAM, with the most advanced lighting technology for modern life, leading fashion lighting.
The company's products include: fluorescent lamp, compact fluorescent lamp, high intensity gas discharge lamp, halogen lamp, automobile lamp, motorcycle lamp, display optical light source, electronic ballast and light emitting diode.

Operating Current: Max 300  Unit mA
Operating Temperature: Min -20  Max +60  Unit °C 
Storage Temperature: Min -40  Max +85  Unit °C 
Reverse Voltage: Max 2  Unit V
Soldering Temperature max.10sec: Max 250 Unit °C 
Junction Temperature: Max 120  Unit °C 

Laser Characteristics:

Emission Wavelength: Min 515  Typ 520  Max 530 Unit nm
Spectral Width: Typ 2  Unit nm
Threshold current:Typ 40 Max 70 Unit mA
Operating Current: Typ 200  Max 240
Operating Voltage: Typ 6.4  Max 8.0  Unit V
Beam Divergence: Min 5.0x18.0  Typ 6.3x22.5  Max 7.5x25.0
Polarization: Typ 100:1
Modulation Frequency: Typ >100  Unit MHz
Thermal resistance(junction to case): Typ 38  Unit K/W


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