Rifle Sight Infrared Laser Sight 808nm IR Light

The 808nm laser rifle sight produces a infrared invisible laser beam. There is a very small red laser dot on the target. It's almost invisible except you. There are two ways to mount it . Check the pictures below. The infrared laser sight are designed to use at night, you can see the target dot with your night vision goggle, such as yukon 1st gen nivision goggles, but you can't see the green or red laser sight with your night vision goggles.Green or red laser sight is much brighter than this infrared laser sight. It's almost invisible except you. You can detect the infrared laser target dot with night vision. It's shock resistant.
If you want the totally invisible laser sight , it's the 980nm laser sight .
Laser Wavelength: 808nm
Operating voltage: DC3.0-3.7V
Start-up time: < 1 seconds
Battery: 1x CR123A (16340)
Material: Rigid Aluminum
Surface treatment: Black anodized finish
Dual switches: Hand type / press type

If you need a visible laser rifle sights, check this bright laser beam sight. The sight is one of the most popular ir lasers for weapons. It can be mounted onto your rifles easily, with the invisible ir target dot, you can see it with night vision scopes.
The laser of 808nm wavelength can be seen through pvs7 gen3 goggles.The range of the visible laser wavelength of this goggle is 400-950nm.The 808nm laser sight places a faint visible pink dot on the animal. The animals may get spooked by it.


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