200m VCSEL Array Zoom Laser Illuminator

VCSEL Array Zoom Laser Illuminator can be used for imaging camera system projects. We use self-developed VCSEL chip and adopt specialized optical design to produce the commodity. The product itself was enery saving and enviromental-friendly. We utilize components at a standard of aircraft manufactering material to creat the total illuminator module. Therefore, the product does well in enviromental adaptation. There are two types for you to choose from,one in favor of electric zoom, and the other one manual zoom.


Contain VCSEL chip and can work under a wide range of temperature
Be suited to diverse enviroment
High safety with the big glowing area of VCSEL chip
Light evenly
photoelectric conversion efficiency up to 40%,much higher thn those products of the same kind 
Zoom is motorized, Inorganic optical zoom
More than 50000 servicing hours
Equipped with TTL connectors contributing to substrate integration
Awesome concentricity when the zoom lens focalize
Limit switch
CE certification
Presetting available
High efficiency, low quantity of heat


High-speed smart ball machine
The bolt monitoring system
Vehicle tilt system
Use for car
Infrared imaging
Military usage


Laser mode: multi
Wave length: 850±10 nm
Light power: 0.7W
Spot shape: circle
Exposure distance: 200m
Beam-divergence angle: 2.5-65°(±0.2°)
Working voltage: 12V
Current: 0.5A
Total serving hours: 50000
Suitable working temperature: -40~+85 ℃
External dimension:38x38x52 mm
Texture: aluminium alloy
Exterior color: black
Weight: 100 g
Communication protocol: P&D, Sony VISCA, Industry agreement

Safety Warning
The laser level of the product was IV. Please refer to GB7247.1-2001 or IEC 60825-1: the first edition of safely using laser products part one : the classification, requirement and user guide of the equipment published in 1993 and its improving edition in 1997.


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