XL-TO46IR850-M5 TO46 850nm 5mW VCSEL Laser Diode

850nm VCSEL Laser Diode with output power 5mW, the package type is TO46 or TO-46. The module number is XL-TO46IR850-M5.


water clear type
To46 flat window metal can package
superior weather-resistance
high radiant intensity
Single transverse mode and single longitudinal mode
High reliability
Cost effective


Safety sensor
Engine management system
Laser printer
Laser mouse
Consumer electronics

XL-TO46IR850-M5 is a multimode infrared VCSEL emitting at typically 850 nm with rated output power of 100mW , mounted into a TO46 metal can package and sealed with quartz glass lens. The VCSEL works under low forward current and voltage.

Parameter Symbol Unit Min. Typ. Max Note
Threshold Current Ith mA 0.7 1.3 2
Forward Voltage VF V 1.8 2.0 2.2 IF=7mA
Differential Resistance Rs Ohms -- 75 -- Slop Efficiency SE W/A 0.9 1 -- Output Power Lop mW 5 6 -- IF=7mA
Power Conversion Efficiency PCE 39 41 -- IF=7mA
Wavelength nm 840 850 860
Divergence Angle deg 17 20 23 IF=7mA

Please check the datasheet PDF as following:

The TO-46 is made primarily of metal, with the microchip mounted on the die pad of its metal header and then sealed with a metal cap by high-current welding.

TO-46 is a very miniature TO-style package with limited area for mounting and high thermal resistance of sub-mount base. It is suitable for VCSEL, sensors and other miniature electronic components. The material of TO-46 header is usually Kovar coated with nickel and gold for base and pins. RMT Ltd offers thermoelectric sub-assemblies on TO-46 header with 5 or 6 pins. The header surface open for mounting is about 1.2-1.9 mm2, which is enough for a miniature TECs. RMT Ltd offers solutions with miniature single-stage TECs available.


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