High Power Multiple Green Laser Diode(LD) Bank 8*1w 520nm Nichia NUGM01T

High Power Multiple Laser Diode(LD) Bank 8*1w 520nm Nichia NUGM01T


  • High Power Multiple Laser Diode (LD) Bank
  • 8 Collimator Beams
  • No Outgas
  • High Heat Dissipation
  • High safety structure for prevention of removing LDs   
Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Forward Current(Tm=25℃):2.0-A
Allowable Reverse Current(Tm=25℃):85mA
Storage Temperature:-40~85℃
Operating Temperature: 0 ~65℃

Initial Elecrical/Optical Characteristics of LD Bank:

Optical Output Power: T.B.D.w
Dominant Wavelength: 515~525nm
Operating Voltage: 32~43v
Beam Pointing Tilt Angle: 0.7

Initial Elecrical/Optical Characteristics of mounted LD:

Dominant Wavelength: 510~T.B.D.nm
Threshold Current: 150 ~T.B.D.nm
Operating Voltage: 4.0  ~T.B.D.v
Beam Divergence: Parallel:0.4, Perpendicular:-0.8 ~ 0.8


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