Rifle Mounted Laser Designator for Rifle Green Light Target Designator

Rifle Mounted Laser Designator for Rifle Green Light Target Designator.Laser Target Designator for Rifle Mounted. It is the best laser designator with a mounting system so tight and so solid that it will stay on zero shot after shot, with half of the price of the leading laser designators. It is more compact, more rugged and a lot brighter than its long time competitors.

Hunting laser designator also referred to as a laser Illuminator or green laser flashlight. A laser designator is the equivalent of an extremely focused flashlight.

The main difference being flashlights are typically powered by LED or Halogen bulbs. This hunting laser designator is powered by a 50mw Laser diode.

The result is an extremely far reaching green light that does not spook hogs, coyotes, bobcats, foxes, deer or racoons.Hogs and deer seem to not see the light at all, coyotes, racoons, foxes and bobcats seem fascinated by it.

Often times, racoons, foxes and bobcats will acknowledge the light, pause and stare at it, and coyotes, on many occasions, will come to the light but seldom if ever run from it.

Wavelength: 532nm
Output power:300mW
Power Source:CR123 Batteries
Laser Flashlight Range: >200 yards in the night
Products warranty: 1 year

Application Area:
1.Laser Alignment
2.Aiming and Positioning
3.Hunting and Spotting
4.Search and Rescue
5.Outdoors and Hiking

Packing list:
1x Green Laser Designator / Illuminator / Hunting Flashlight
1x Remote Pressure Switch
1x CR123 Battery
1x Allen Wrench

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